Guess baby gender

Help me with this topic.

Sometimes i can guess my gender when I was still a baby. There’s small detail that we can get to guess our own gender. So help me capture baby avatar you get along with the gender guess. Here’s i have some baby avatar that I’m sure 100% with their gender

See the hair? She’s a girl. She usually grow up female with a bun black hair.

Here’s another one
Curly hair is a female

One more

Hook hair, a female

Last but not least.
S90207-20562357(1) 3 spike, a male.


This is helpful for those who always ask if they’re a boy or girl.

We used to have genitals. After a several discussion during the batta testing, it was removed becuse app age rate restrictions.

Now when you pick a baby up it tells you if it is a female or a male. You can also click in yourself when you still a baby and it will tell you. The only problem with this, is when you get a name, that gender identification goes off. We should always have a mark on the top that say our gender, at least during our first years of life.