Guide for eve (beginners)

Okay i see a lot of eve do stuff that they supposedly not do. So here’s some tips and trick.

If you are Eve. if you born a woman(not a baby), you are Eve. Your main job is to find a perfect spot to open new village.

  1. Perfect spot is where’s there’s so many water and plenty of fertile soil. If you found plenty of food is even better. I recommended near swamp. Swamp usually side by side with jungle so if you find jungle, there’s high chance there’s swamp around. But swamp and jungle isn’t enough as they don’t have fertile soil. So you need to find place near grass field too.
  2. Start making a basket as basket makes you carry more stuff. Basket is made from reed that you can found at swamp (you need sharp stones to harvest reed).
  3. Makes klin and plenty of bowl. Klin is to makes wet bowl into bowl and bowl is used for watering your farm. You need to combine clay and reed/wheat.
  4. Makes fire. Fire is used for the klin. The step for fire is quite plenty so i think I’ll makes another post about fire.
  5. After you have bowl it’s start to make farm. You can used your basket to take fertile soil out.
    The basket takes out 3 bowl of soil. But most noob straightly used those soil to makes tile. That’s waste of soil (soil is very important). You should take your bowl and scoop one more from the soil you take with basket earlier. Makes tile from 2 bowl of soil not 3, not 1 either because one bowl of soil makes your tool broke even faster as you used it twice.
  6. Berries are okay, you can plant them. But i recommended you to plant corn, beans and squash as those three is the ingredients of Sister’s stew. You can find the seed in the yellow prairies (the yellow field). Don’t forget to plant carrots as well (also found in the yellow Praries). And if you want, you can plant wheat too but it optional.
  7. After the farm ready. You can leave it as your children might take care the farm. It started to collect iron to make tool. Iron can be found at badlands (the land with a bear nest near around). But maybe one of your children already found some, but that’s okay, you still need to find more iron to makes more tool.
  8. At this point you might at the age 45 or above. There’s not much things to do. Except reminding your children and grandchildren to always water the farm, smithing, and hunt for rabbit. You can use your old age to take care the farm and collect more seed to plant. But just don’t used all the water and the soil until your children can makes well or makes compose soil.
  9. Also you start spawning at 15 and stop breastfeed at the age 40. so, make sure you stop carry your kids when you are above 40, you would not feeding them. Instead you should take berries and feed them that.

Okay that’s all. I hope i don’t missing something. Don’t hesitate to correct me if i do some mistakes. Also, share your tips for the eve. Thank you


The perfect guide for beginners!