Halloween Event Idea

So, you know how we have stuff for Christmas? We need stuff for Halloween and other holidays too!
For example, pumpkins,candy,costumes, ect. Ghosts would be awesome to have too!
Or, better yet- a way to talk to people who have died. There can be a way to make an ouija board, which can be used to talk to those who have died, like family members. It’d be linked to observation, there can be a chat designed for it.


It’d be fun for next year :slight_smile:


This! I really would love to be able to carve and decorate with jack o lanterns and make pumpkin pies to celebrate the season. The ouji board idea I also love!


I was about to suggest Thanksgiving, but then I remembered that You Are Hope is heavily populated by players from Asia. :sweat_smile:

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