Has anyone ever encountered any really rude players? How do you deal with them?

So, I just had one of the shortest and most infuriating game experiences in my life. I was born to an inexperienced mother in a new town. Her mother was also an inexperienced player. My uncle (aka rude man) had quite the collection of iron piled up, and was beginning to forge it. I decided I better get a farm started since we didn’t have one. I managed to get a decent farm going before I started popping out kids. I was able to have two children (a boy and a girl) before the incident. Apparently my brother and uncle had a little altercation over who was going to forge the iron. Admittedly, my brother was kind of acting immaturely. He wouldn’t leave the forge area while my uncle was trying to forge the iron. After awhile he got totally fed up and decided he was going to leave and take his iron (and also the bellows) with him. I was like okay, fine. Either me or my brother can forge, and bellows aren’t that hard to make. But no, he decided he wanted revenge. Not long after he came strolling back into camp with a bear following behind him, killing us all. I was so upset. I was excited to make this little place grow. I’m sure you all know the feeling. I banished him and also argued with him in the Family Chronicle which was probably immature and I shouldn’t have done, but I was incredibly angry. On one side I can understand his frustration because I’ve felt it before when I was trying to do something and another player wouldn’t g move or took something I needed, but I would never doom the entire civilization over it. What kind of person does that? I just wanna know, have any of you had an experience like this? What do you do to deal with them? I feel like this scenario could’ve been prevented.


If he had never been bothered, you probably would’ve lived to the age of 60.


hey flowersflowers :slight_smile: i saw you on the en-nokids server. you such a nice and experienced player. dont let griefers and mad player get in your way. i enjoy to play with you!


Yes, I recognize your name! You’re always friendly and a great player as well :slight_smile: I’ll try not to let experiences like this bum me out too much. The good experiences certainly outweigh the bad in the long run :slight_smile:


Yes, the little camp had so much potential to become something nice as well. I won’t dwell on it too much but I just don’t understand the need to act in that way, killing everyone solves nothing in the end. Ultimately he destroyed his own hard work and efforts.

Hi flowers welcome to the forum !

Sorry you went through this, it can be really frustrating. Usually I just ignore them and move on, try not to engage in arguments with them. Do something else to calm myself down :slight_smile:


Appreciate the welcome! And yes I suppose there’s not a whole lot you can do in that situation.


Yah unfortinatly when it comes to smiths theres usually conflict between smiths used to eve camps and smiths that are used to towns.

What i mean is that smiths used to towns usually will try to make advanced use tools before the basics. For example making 2 knifes one for sheep one for butter but the eve camp doesnt have all the tools needed for wagons yet.

While smiths who tend to play in eve camps tend to be very very territorial and like to have everything to do with smithing under their perfect control.

Theres not much you can do in that situation since both smiths belive that they are the best or know whats better for the town or camp.


Welcome to the forums flowersflowers

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Thanks for the welcome! :slight_smile:

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It always the smither, eh?

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Lol not all the time though. Ive seen all kinds of players turn feral, the farmer, the gatherer, the rabbit hunter, the leech, the role player, heck even the players who just clean lol

Sorry you got killed. It is amazing how fast arguments can start, some smithy work together, some only work alone.
I know it is not always safe to have a bow on hand, but having one with three arrows, can save a town from bears released with the purpose of destruction.
Hope to play with you some time.
What server do you play on?


I wish we would’ve had a bow handy, it was so quick though I’m not sure anyone would’ve had time to react. I’m either on the US beginners server or the no children server, mostly the no children server because I like to work alone a lot of the time :slight_smile:

I don’t even know how to forge things, I’m usually a farmer because I’m a new player and I’m kinda a noob


Farming is a really important job! I’ve been in a lot of camps where everyone is off doing other things and the farm ends up neglected, which of course is really bad for everyone. Smithing definitely takes a bit of time to learn. I actually got my own private server and taught myself everything. Very helpful way to learn!

i was just playing a game and I became a baker kind of… I made dough and turned it into a wheat tortilla but I dropped it on the ground and it got dirty and then a grizzly bear came and killed me

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Sucks when that happens xD

Welcome, Hilli_Eva, no worries, we all had to learn how. Just keep practicing. Every camp and town needs gardens :slightly_smiling_face: