Have I learned Everything?

I think I have learned everything there is to know. I know how to domesticate and use evry animal. I know how to make stew. I know how to male all tools. I know how to farm all crops. I know how to make Buckets they are a long process. I know how to ise all tools. I know how to hunt. I know how to make all clothes. I know how to be a medic. I WANT TO LEARN MORE. Have I learned evrything please help!

You still need to make buildings and belltowers, roads and railways, signs, notes. The food you could make extends far beyond just pies and stew. In coming updates we will have dogs and tree farms. The game is not complete new content is added to the PC version weekly and the mobile version is about 1-2 weeks behind. The only way any of us will truly learn everything is in about a year and a half from now when the updates are scheduled to be done.

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Refine what you know into the best version that it could be.

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Thanks for letting me know I didn’t put in some stuff likenother foods I know but thanks for the railway and notes.