Have you ever meet this?

  1. A baby that keep suiciding but reborn in the same family for more than 5 times.
  2. A baby that keep suiciding but her mom managed to make her stay and when she turn 3 she said “okay I’ll stay. But after i have baby. I go”. But she died anyway because she forgot to eat.
  3. A todler that doing their work but forget to eat and die.
  4. A skeleton near wild berry bushes. I bet they were starving and managed to pick one single berries but too late and die anyway.
  5. A player who’s having yellow fever but stand in hot area and die.
  6. A noob who pick up random object by accident and having difficult time put it back down. And when they succeeded putting it down, they pick another random object.
  7. A pro player doing their job and suddenly they freeze in the middle of the work. I bet their phone dies there.
  8. A player picking up an object and freeze for a while and continue to progress the object their holding. Let say, they pick a bowl and freeze. Pick a rabbit and put it in the bowl and freeze again. Pick a sharp stone and freeze again. I bet their checking the book guides.

Hmmm… That’s all i can get. Did you have another?


This has happened to my village multiple times. :persevere:

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You tried before ? I tried suiciding twice to save my old village and was borned in the same village 3 times . Gave up the third time and worked hard in the new village😭 but … no girl , the village too was doomed . Another time , I was borned to the same mom in the same village 2 or 3 times when i suicide to save my old village. Felt so sorry and stayed for the 3rd or 4th time since I was a girl . I apologized and promised to stay for the survival of village. I survived and gave birthed to a lot of “non active daughters” maybe due to karma but I was happy cause I raised a lot of grandchildren. Still , I fell very guilty as I was borned to the same mom . I can’t imagine her feeling that her children 1st , 2nd or 3rd all suicide and is the same person. I am sorry mom. I don’t suicide much but these are my experience. Many of us tried to save the village we love but sometimes there is just no luck.

Yeah i tried. Never worked. So, i decided to do my best in my current family.

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