Having another home(Mine) marker

I hope we can have another home (mine) marker that we can share with other family members. This will help them get the resource you found more easily .


nice idea to mark resources for others. :+1: how would you make the marker? let’s say you find an iron mine in the gray biome. what would you use to mark the iron mine?

Like a peace lily but with an iron ore, but the iron ore isn’t “used”


Or you could put a peace Lily on an iron vein.
That way people can’t just make random home markers leading to nowhere, with just an iron ore.

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I believe the best solution is touching the another person and use the new icon share . This way , everyone can have their second marker to get the resource they want and there will be no griefing.

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Yo lo haría con una brújula, que se podría hacer con una hoja y una aguja

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