he internal staff of the game use their authority to affect the user's game experience to disclose the user's privacy

Cause of complaint: the internal staff of the game used their authority to hero the user’s game experience
Dear GM
Hello! As a loyal user of your company’s game, I am very satisfied with the fluency and experience of the game and full of confidence in the future prospect of the game. However, recently, a self proclaimed official in the game group has repeatedly used his authority to privately distribute benefits to compensate specific players. And the official (ember) secretly divulges the next update of the game and tells specific players that they can wish for the game items they want, and reveals in advance that NPC can exchange gold for items through social software, so that specific players can prepare in advance and destroy the balance of the game. Secondly, the official (ember) has long shared the observed players, including but not limited to my own perspective, with many people, and made personal attacks on the monitored players, including but not limited to abusing, vilifying players, divulging personal privacy and so on.
At the moment, I am very dissatisfied with the behavior of the official (ember) and have doubts about the game operation. I don’t know whether the pr。 クレーム事由:ゲーム内部スタッフが職権ヒーローユーザーを利用したゲーム体験


hello @amylu :wave:

I’m not an official, just the forum moderator. Sorry to hear, you had a bad experience.

Currently there is a griefer saying they are Ember. I hope you won’t meet them again.

Also DualDecade is working on an update, that’s why they asked, what players wishes are for the game. I hope it won’t affect your experience.

Hello everyone on the forum, I am the group leader of Yah, the Chinese server WeChat player group. Ember was complained on the forum by a certain player. On behalf of the players in the group, I will tell you the truth. Ember is a good friend and a very good staff, I hope her reputation won’t be affected because of this. Ember is here to help our Chinese server players to expel griefer, and joined our Chinese server WeChat group.

  1. The cause of this incident was that someone personally attacked and insulted others in the group. We kicked the player out of the group, and then he wanted revenge on the players in our group, saying that he would find more griefers to enter Yah to demolish our houses. Subsequently, the player pretended to be us, using our names in the Chinese version of Yah to wreak havoc and created a prison to imprison others players, so that people would enter the international version of Yah to revenge and destroy us. When things became more and more serious, everyone was in the anger of revenge, and the Chinese server was about to turn into a chaotic battlefield. It was ember who stood up in time to stop most people from destroying and looking for revenge. Ember urged us to unite and drive out the bad guys and prevent things from getting worse., it also prevented us peace-loving players from quitting the game because of this. Because of ember, we can continue to play the game in harmony.

  2. All the accusations against ember on the forum are slander and framed up. First, ember did not disclose the privacy of others. When all the players in our Chinese server were facing the danger of retaliation by griefer. Ember used her rest time to check and found out that someone was demolishing our house, she notified us so that our players can drive out the bad guys timely. Second, ember has never been abusive and aggressive to anyone. We all get along with ember, she has never attacked any player maliciously. Third, the purpose of these griefers are to disrupt the game experience of all players on the entire server and force us all to quit the game. Ember punished the bad guys in time and stopped the spread of the flames of revenge, the purpose of the griefers could not be achieved, so they were very interested in ember. Holding a grudge, distorting the facts, maliciously attacking ember on the forum, and ruining ember’s reputation. Fourth, the screenshots posted by those who attack ember on the forum are maliciously cropped, deliberately avoiding the context, and deliberately created to discredit ember. Ember is a very good friend and a very good staff. Because of her, we can continue to live in harmony in the Chinese server and continue to play in this game. Therefore, we do not want to see any attack on Ember, which will affect her reputation and work.

Our original intention is to hope that everyone will play the game happily, and we do not want this matter to continue to expand and ferment and becomes worse. Ember’s reputation was affected because of us, so we had to stand up and clarify this matter, our ultimate goal is to hope that everyone can be friendly, help each other, be peaceful, and have fun in the game.

フォーラムの皆さん、こんにちは。私は中国のサーバープレーヤー交換WeChatグループのグループオーナーです。フォーラムで残り火が不満を言っていたので、グループのプレーヤーに代わって実際の状況をお伝えします。残り火は良い友達です。 、非常に優秀なスタッフ、このために彼女が怪我をしないことを願っています。残り火は、中国のサーバープレーヤーがグリーファーを追い出すのを助けることであり、中国のサーバーWeChatチャットグループにのみ参加しました。 1.この事件の原因は、誰かがグループ内の他の人を個人的に攻撃して侮辱したことでした。私たちはプレーヤーをグループから追い出しました。その後、プレーヤーは私たちのグループのプレーヤーを嫌い、家を破壊します。その後、プレイヤーは私たちのふりをして中国語版のヤーに行き、大混乱を引き起こし、他の人を投獄するための刑務所を作りました。その結果、より多くの人々が復讐のためにヤーの国際版に入りました。事態がますます深刻になると、誰もが復讐の怒りに襲われ、中国のサーバーが混沌とした戦場になりつつあり、ほとんどの人が復讐のために破壊するのを阻止するために立ち上がったのは残り火であり、残り火は私たちを促しました団結して立ち上がって悪者を追い出し、事態が悪化するのを防ぎます。また、これが原因で平和を愛するプレイヤーがゲームをやめることもできませんでした。残り火のおかげで、私たちは調和してゲームをプレイし続けることができます。 2.フォーラムでの残り火に対するすべての告発は、誹謗中傷と捏造です。まず、残り火は他人のプライバシーを明かさなかった。中国のサーバーのすべてのプレイヤーがグリーフィングによる報復の危険に直面したとき、残り火は休憩時間を使って誰かが家を破壊していることを確認したので、私たちのプレイヤーはタイムリーに悪者を追い出すことができます。第二に、残り火は誰に対しても虐待的で攻撃的ではありませんでした。私たちは残り火を友達のように仲良くしているので、誰もが一緒に冗談を言うでしょうが、彼女はどのプレイヤーも悪意を持って攻撃したことはありません。第三に、これらのグリーフィングの目的は、サーバー全体のすべてのプレーヤーのゲームエクスペリエンスを混乱させ、私たち全員にゲームを終了させることです。これは、残り火が時間内に悪者を罰し、復讐の炎の広がりを止めたためです。グリーフィングは達成できなかったので、彼らは残り火に非常に興味を持っていました。恨みを抱き、事実を歪め、フォーラムで残り火を悪意を持って攻撃し、残り火の評判を台無しにしました。第4に、攻撃している残り火がフォーラムに投稿したスクリーンショットは、意図的にコンテキストを避けて悪意を持ってトリミングされ、残り火の評判を台無しにするために意図的に作成されています。エンバーはとても良い友達であり、とても良いスタッフです。彼女のおかげで、私たちは中国のサーバーで調和して生き続け、このゲームでプレイし続けることができます。したがって、エンバーへの攻撃は見たくありません。彼女の評判と仕事に影響を与えます。私たちの本来の意図は、誰もが楽しくゲームをプレイできることを願うことであり、この問題が拡大し、発酵し、悪影響を引き起こし続けることを望んでいません。しかし、残り火の評判は私たちのせいで影響を受けたので、私たちは立ち上がってこの問題を明確にしなければなりませんでした。しかし、私たちの究極の目標は、誰もが友好的で、助け合い、平和であり、ゲームを楽しむことができることを願っています。

So why speak ill of other behind his back? game player feel insecurity LOL.

做为游戏GM不应该公平公正吗?如果需要他利用职权驱逐,那不如直接游戏删掉摧毁文明, 以后只有生存建筑,利用职权分享他人游戏截图以及丑化,这个也是正常的吗?我记得GM观察玩家是方便收集数据吧不是用来驱逐和在社交软件分享玩家的吧! 这也是GM应该做的吗? 我不知道emder是否理解自己的工作职责 。 Isn’t a GM supposed to be fair and impartial? If he needs to use his authority to expel, it is better to delete the game and destroy civilization directly, and then only have survival buildings in the future. Is it normal to share screenshots of other people’s games and demonize others by using his authority? I remember gM-watching players is a convenient way to collect data, not to evict and share players on social software? Is that what GM should do? I don’t know if Emder understands his job responsibilities. GMはゲームとして公正であるべきではないか。もし彼が職権を利用して追放する必要があるならば、それはむしろ直接にゲームを削除して文明を破壊して、后でただ生存の建筑を利用して、職権を利用して他人のスクリーンショットを共有して、これも正常ですか?私は覚えていますGMはプレイヤーを観察するのに便利なデータを収集するでしょう追放とソーシャルアプリでプレイヤーを共有するのではありません!これもGMがやるべきことなのか。emderが自分の仕事の役割を理解しているかどうかは分かりません。

But the evidence against Ember is solid

  1. We always talk with players about new features we may releasing. That’s part of being in a community, and we value user input. I don’t see anything strange in talking to some players about some ideas, or in encouraging them to have ideas themselves.

  2. We don’t keep records of who the players are in real life or which player is playing a certain character in a single life. The player IDs are new for each single life.
    So there is no way for our staff to discriminate against a certain person. What Ember can do is the same as other players: look at a behaviour and decide to banish the player. She can’t know who the player is or what they have done in a life before. Her banishment vote is stronger, that’s all.
    Anyone can read a situation wrong, of course. I am not saying that anyone is infallible. You may have gotten an undeserved banishment, or you may not. But you didn’t get one because of discrimination or a grudge, but because of observable actions and/or results.
    I hope all players can try and play peacefully together. Then no-one will get banished. I hope you decide to help fix the problem in this way?

Thanks, and have fun in the game!