Healing needs more things in it

Anyone who uses healing doesn’t do it its to long to make to many steps and when u finally have it u die out all ready .it needs to be healing medication like pilles herbs to slow down the death if ur hit.mabys items to help u get hit like armor clothes maby medieval armor but ill maby stay with herbs like somthing to slow the bleed ing give u a couple minuts to survive when u start most killing start from traveling thinks k ur on a small trip to get stuff wolf comes out of a random pine tree u think dangit im dead u try to run back but die as soon u get close maby meds can be like ill give u a couple minutes so u can really try to help out until u die or untile u get wool pads it will also make the game Better were u dont die as easily when ur gen 8 2 or 4 those are when u mostly need the stuff.