Hello. I became B1 because I was cursed for no reason

Hello. I became B1 because I was cursed for no reason.
I don’t know why.
One conjecture is that…
When I was Id 201127, there were many griefers in the village.
Is that why someone else cursed me by mistake?

I taught him how to work with a friend in the village.

At first, I taught him how to make pies.
Later, he taught me how to make a blacksmith’s shop away from the village.

There was already a blacksmith in the village, and after teaching him that there was no blacksmith in the place, he used a pickaxe to remove it and put the pickaxe back in the village.

I made a lot of pies and plates for the village.
I don’t know why I was cursed and became B1.

I’m not going to miss any village right now. I can’t have been cursed for no reason.
They don’t accept it.

Even though I made a village with a friend in a novice server and played it for hours,
b1 does not disappear.

If the reason why I became b1 and if I was cursed without reason.
Please make it b1 for those who cursed.

It’s really unfair. I’ve been playing this game for over a year.
There are many good things about this griefers anti-update.
There’s a case of injustice like me. Please update the replacements for those who curse for no reason!

(English expressions may not be perfect using a translator. Please understand.)

Thank you for reading. have a good day.

please answer me

  1. why I got cursed?
  2. if no reason, please remove b1 on my ID
  3. how many time will remove b1?


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