Help I cant download the beta

I got the beta link a coupke days ago and when i try it it says this

Hi Henry,

Do you by any chance use a different email address for your Play account than the one you supplied to me? I can see that your email is indeed registered as an internal tester, but if it is a different email address then this would happen. Could you double check?

Came up with this when i tried again i do have one hour one life downloaded from the google play store

To make sure I understand your situation:
There were two ways to download before, either by buying the beta or by using our “secret” link. The first one was an accident and we have closed it down.
The version of the app was the same through both download channels. We started with version and recently we updated to

Which version are you on right now? Is your problem that you can’t upgrade to or don’t you have any version of the app at all?

Thanks for clarifying.

I am on (downloaded from the google play store) and i cabt update it because you guys have taken down from the play store however i does still work and i can play it

ok, so that’s a bit weird. However, if you don’t have the “waiting to be born forever” issue, then you should be fine with version It has the same functionality as 0.9.8 on iOS, except for the networking fixes that you don’t seem to suffer from.

I fixed the ‘waiting to be born forever bug’ for my version by just going to settings and turning nudity off