Help us make griefing harder to do / 荒らし行為を難しくするお手伝い募集

Thank you for creating a place for countermeasures against Gleefer.

Killing livestock
Cutting down juniper and maple
Destruction of the furnace
Discard sterilized pads continuously on the ground
Setting a cool time for these will reduce the pleasure of the griefers.

Really interesting.
I would like to play while there are actually restrictions.
I would like to think about the troubles and balance that occur there.





This is not a good idea.You changed something very disappointing.I think it’s fine now.Too restrictive this game is not fun.Why not try to update something new?


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I still think there is always something better than cool down time.
However, I understand Christopher’s “Remember that this is an experiment we are talking about. Not a decision to be made without a real trial period. You may well be right, but you may also be wrong.”
Surely we may be wrong and we may be right.
Believe that you will listen seriously to the voices of the players who have finished the trial period, we will first cooperate with the trial period.
The real intention is “I don’t want to bother even good players because of griefers”

There is a topic discussing countermeasures against vandalism that does not depend on cooldown time.
It’s a Japanese topic, but there are also easy English translations.
I want you to know that there is also such plan.

しかし、クリストファーさんの言う“Remember that this is an experiment we are talking about. Not a decision to be made without a real trial period. You may well be right, but you may also be wrong.”も理解しました。



2 posts were merged into an existing topic: (Split topic) Conversation not directly related to new proposed mechanic

Yes, of course. This would only be to slow down griefing.

With the cool down working as I suggested, you can do other things while the cool down is counting down. With your suggestion the player would not be able to do other things in the meanwhile. I think that would be too intrusive and affect many normal players instead of focusing on only the griefer behaviors.

It ’s true that you ’re right.

I think that the griefer countermeasures are not enough in the cooldown time that does not affect the general play.

I need measures to make the griefer easier to find.

If you are good, please join the test play.
I’m very happy to have fun with this game from now on.






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I disagree cooldown.
Please kindly notice restriction for playing couldn’t be sanction for griefers, just be penalty for majority normal players.


but they are a minority.

I wonder how did you assess this?
In this thread, the many rate of Japanese people and others said that they want these features.

this is an experiment we are talking about.

Since experiments is the basic concept of User centered design, so I agree with that.
But, of cource including me, a lot of players got sensitive because of your previous update.
They are afraid that their favorite game will get destroyed.
Me too. I hope you have the empathy.

you have to start from scratch every time.

Please don‘t forget what this game is.
If the players of this game don’t like scratch, why do they try to be born in this game?
In the thread of “Upcoming new game mechanics”, some people are complaining to be born often in established towns or near.
If they don’t like scratch, it should be their pleasure, shouldn’t it ?
I believe they can enjoy the recovery process if they have the means.

Although I can understand the difficulty to keep balance between the monetization and good user experience, I think the lovable user experience will success to monetize.

And I’d like to propose one thing for your experiment.
How about asking the real griefers to join this experiment?
I think you will get more effective results by this way.
In Japan,some players are officially saying they are a griefer, for example しゅがみん on Twitter.


The minority is the set of objects that can’t be disassembled. Most can, so they are the majority.

As a professional hunter that enjoys the process of trying to get the whole family enough clothing, I disagree with limit to how many bears you can release :sweat_smile:


Don’t turn aside from a subject, said, so, I stood it. But it’s written.

The player and Christopher opposing a cool down time seem to have difference in recognition.
The purpose of cool down time introduction will be
But the player’s purpose is
Though I’d like to play comfortably happily, it isn’t possible by a cause of griefers.

They seem to obstruct comfortable play and the system introduced for it isn’t liked.
At this rate I think it’s also worthless to think it’s insignificant.

Even if a cool down time is introduced, griefing would happen.
Their patience sometimes surpasses imagination.(I can’t do to wait the goodness good player who shut himself off and was careless to come to a safety zone of a peaceful lily patiently. It’s too tedious.)
Consider the case where griefers complete the vandalism while doing another action between cooldown times.
For example when there are few villagers, it isn’t possible to notice.Even if I notice, there are no means to kill right now in a beginner server.
A curse point is saved, and may not griefres die immediately?
There are sometimes no ways to make them stop to fell all gum trees.
Would a cool down time be a help to a goodness good player in such case?I don’t think so.
Even if there is a cool down time when there is no recovery method, it’s insignificant.

It isn’t opposite to a plan of a cool down time no matter what.
I want using a cool down time as the last means after the recovery means are made in front of it.
I said many times, but a reason is because our fun play would be obstructed.
It’s hoped urgently to be able to understand my idea.

A behavior reason of griefres will be to see a flustered villager and do joy.
The recovery means are made. I think that also leads to help stability of villager’s spirit and take the pleasure of griefres away.







This idea of cool down has divided the player community. Some want to try it and some are dead against it. In order to properly test the idea, I think there would need to be more support than disagreement. Otherwise there is too much risk that we are just wasting time without coming up with a working solution.

So, I’m going to put this idea on hold. I don’t want to invest the time while half the community disagrees.

We will see if there are better ideas in the future, which gather more support. Maybe having the cool down only happen to people who have recently come back from banishment would be better, for example…

Anyway, thanks to many for being engaged enough to write your thoughts without resorting to attacking the people who think differently than yourselves!

// Christoffer


I just wanted to tell that you are amazing. Amazingly patient. I have not been following the argument meticulously, because I felt behavior of certain people are not nice and made me feel sick.
Take a good rest and start working harder to make this game much more enjoyable. :+1:
You have my full support (not sure what it’s worth :joy:)


Shade, I understand that you are upset. My guess is there is much more going on in your life for you to be expressing yourself in such a way here.
This is a game, we just play it. Yes we choose to buy and download the app, but what the owners (creators, programmers, and stockholders) chose to do is really their business not ours. They are gracious for listening to us, but really they don’t have to. I have many apps that are never updated and problems are never fixed or even addressed.
In reading your comments, it seems that you very upset and venting. The proportion of your venting on the update seems a bit extreme. I am not saying I like some of the updates, but rather the amount of emotions you are having seem much deeper then just a game. The emotions that are coming out in your comments seem to point to deeper roots then just a little phone app.
You may be using the game as a way to relax or momentarily escape from what is happening in your real life…
If the update has effected the relax and escape aspects of the game for you, the feelings that you have been expressing may be more from the loss of that escape then for a person or program.
Your feelings are valid, you may have to do some searching to find the true sources, or roots.
Wishing you the best.




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I had a lightning bolt of an idea hit me a little bit ago. What if instead of assigning cooldowns to specific actions we assign a point value to specific actions.

Much like the points that were purposed before for people that played with others that could be reborn to their home marker but applied to actions.

The system

These point values should be accounted for in 2 different ways, cooking and construction. Such that these are the 2 main ways that we can keep track of actions directly affecting other players and the environment.

Pre-cautionary measures

The points are specific server by server so no one can rack up points in one server and switch to the other.

No one can get negative points and everyone starts with 50 construction and cooking points just to allow some leeway and prevent griefers from using trash alts to help their main get points.

What it applies to

I’m going to list off a number of actions now that I believe should have points assigned to them. These of course can be subject to change and/or more added.


Wood floors, brick and flatstone roads, plaster walls, stonewalls, dug holes, newcommen tower base, fence posts, straight branch trees.


Everything that requires a player to make it.

Picking food off of gooseberry plants and other such natural farm foods should be excluded as well.

You can only lose cooking points depending on how much you over eat of player made foods.

In conclusion

As far as what the point values should be, I’ll let this idea churn around first before listing what I think. Hopefully it’s all possible!

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