Help us make griefing harder to do / 荒らし行為を難しくするお手伝い募集

(Update: this idea is now on hold for an indefinite time, see

Griefing = playing the game with the goal of making it less enjoyable for others.

This is a problem that’s been with us from the very beginning. It’s easier to destroy than to build and this gives the griefer an advantage over the regular player. The griefers enjoy this advantage, probably because it gives them a false feeling of superiority.

The problem is that it is realistic that it’s easier to destroy than to build. It’s hard to create checks and balances for griefing which are not fundamentally unrealistic and thus risk making the game feel worse.

I have put a lot of effort into designing a system which would actively combat griefing. This became very complex and it turned out that it would require changing the whole food system and transition system. Implementing it would essentially change the game into another game entirely. It would of course be similar, but it wouldn’t be the same game anymore. So we can’t do that. :pensive:

Recently, griefers have made use of the new ruins feature to create even more messes and sabotaging even more for constructive players. This is profoundly sad.

So I am thinking that it may be time to make an experiment of introducing an unrealistic mechanism with the goal of making it much harder to grief efficiently, and thereby removing the “feeling of superiority” from the acts of griefing. Essentially make it boring to grief.

This is tricky stuff, so I would like to test it with players before making it a part of the normal game mode. So I intend to discuss it here first, then implement it on a few servers, so people can choose if they want to participate or not.

The idea is to identify the possible actions that are likely to be used to grief, and force a cooldown on those actions, so you can’t do them repeatedly in quick succession. For example: killing sheep, cutting down trees, sewing backpacks. These are all sensible things to do, but you don’t have to do them 10 times in 10 seconds - unless you are griefing.

This would create an artificial obstacle for all players, but it would slow griefers down much much more than normal players, and deprive them of their sense of superiority. It would become boring to grief substantially.

So, I’m looking to you players for two things:

  1. Do you have any direct feedback about this mechanism? For example: which actions do you think should be on the list to get a cooldown?
  2. Would you volunteer to play test the special version on specific servers, and give us feedback about how it feels, if it is better that the normal mode or not, etc?

(Please stick firmly to the subject in this thread, thanks)





荒らし行為と効果的に戦うシステムのデザインには多くの労力を費やしてきましたが、システムはとても複雑化し、フードシステムや変化システムの根本的な改革が必要であるという結論に至りました。その実装はゲームを全く違うゲームに変えてしまうでしょう。もちろん似たものではありますが、同じゲームではなくなってしまいます。我々はそうはしたくありません。 :pensive:







  1. このメカニズムについて何か直接的なフィードバックはありますか?例えば:どの行動がクルーダウン対象リストに追加されるべきだと思いますか?
  2. この特別なバージョンに対応したサーバーでテストプレイのボランティアをしたい方はいらっしゃいますか?そしてその使用感はどうだったか、これまでの通常ゲームより良かったか悪かったか、などのフィードバックをいただけますか?



the swamp, snowland and desert trees are not that important so they shouldn’t be affected by this rule.

i guess we don’t have to make more than 2 axes or 2 pickaxes per lifetime.

i never had to make more than 3 arrows in 5 hours of playtime.

i never had to make two knifes in a lifetime.

i never had to eat pie and other home made food when my food bar is almost full.

i never had to build a wall or other objects you can’t go through in front of a door.

i never had to destroy more than 4 walls or one oven base in 5 hours of playtime. but sometimes building stuff is also griefing i.e. building walls where there shouldn‘t be a wall or blocking the way with other material.

i wish we could drain a ditch so its not filled with water anymore. because ditches are also used for griefing.


Using more than 2 different horse every 5 hours feels right. I usually stick to the same horse I’ve been using unless someone else takes it. Then there’s the scenario where I retrieve a lost horse. So 2 different horses allowed every 5 hours.

Starting 8 fires every 15 minutes. So they can’t just spread out all of the kindling and burn it all at once.

Moving more than 2 different bellows within a life shouldn’t be allowed so they can’t kill a smithy instantly and 2 spares protect it.

Crafting one set of all different clothing every hour. There’s no reason to make more than what you yourself will need in a life but so you can still make clothing for others, it just has to be a different material.

Cutting down 10 straight branch trees every hour. Those are really the only trees that matter and are bunched together.

I’d be willing to help play test it! I usually play without clothing but everything else I can give a shot.


Change the box to be disjointed instead of destroying the box with an ax Axes are so versatile that you need to use another tool to remove the box (saw,adze)

Newcomen tower is also impossible to remove In some cases it may be necessary to remove Because the griefer uses the tower to make it impossible to use important facilities(waterpump,oilpit)

There is no need to wake up more than 3 bears in a game. Wake Up Bear requires a limit or cooldown


It’s too vague to say that you shouldn’t move the bellows. Also, a good player may move the bellows some distance for cake and honey

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Picking up puppies from the moms should be ten minutes or more delays. Or at least the puppies of the dogs that only give birth to their breed like the beagels, pitbulls, etc.

Chopping boxes, removing doors, and breaking signs should be something like 10 minutes between them if possible to reduce the possible damage of a griefer (tho most people use slegldges now for storage)

Aplying locks maybe. Riping up wooden floors and roads are major ones. Tho it doesnt take long to fix those it is one of the most targeted things.

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I agree that there should be a limit on bear releasing but its restricting for players who hunt bears for clothes. Id say four or five bears so that bear hunters can gain trust in order to have another player follow and release bears for them.

The bellows might be harsh for a dedicated smith though. Griefer comes by and removes the bellows.
Player removes bellows to make charcoal for newcoman. Griefer respawning just to remove the bellows.

Wed run out of good players to replace the bellows on the kiln. Half way through a smiths life

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I would do that when i was doing food bonus.:joy:


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okay. but then you wouldn’t eat pie direct after you had pie, right?

so i change it to: when my food bar is almost full i don’t have to eat multiple slices of pie in a row. (or same other home made food in a row).










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