Help with trees

I don’t understand how to grow trees, they take a whole lifetime to grow. So when I die I can’t water it for the second time and they dry up and die

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It takes about 30 minutes to get to the second watering, I think. So plant a tree early in your life and it can work. But after age 30 you are right, you will not have time yourself. You can ask a child to do it, though…?


Sometimes the children don’t come there was one round where I drank pine tea and died by myself LMAOO but yeah it’s hard af

Yeah, just prep everything and do before 26. Likes compost pile near a pond, new hoe, shears if possible and then do all the same time. 26+30 is 56, then you can get buried too.

Best to have maples near sand, water and rice to make bricks. Or carry 5 sand in crock and a cleared jungle.

Thanks so much guys!! The trees grew !!


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