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Can I remove a clay pit? And alslo what am I doing wrong with the walls?

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That’s soil use a basket and dump it near the farm in piles. Then remove the worms and it will be a clay pit. Gather the clay and use a shovel on the last bit.

Either remove the walls with a pickaxe and make new ones closer to the floor or try to add more flooring on the same tile as the wall (not sure if that will work). You’ll also need to plaster them or they’ll decay

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Yes as @Bananavillage said above. The last part of the clay pit goes away if you use a shovel on it. It will turn into one clay ball :hugs:


Thank you :grin: I’ll give it another go tonight :crossed_fingers:

oh, hi Bella :slight_smile:

if you found your finally place for walls. like bananavillage sayd you need plaster. better have it ready before building many walls. you need limestone for it (found in bear/wolf biome)

Your walls are too spaced out. You need to place a wall in between.

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