Henry Champion... Murder Story

I awake to the sound of footsteps. My sister walks by and my mother asks if I am new. Well, not really, but I don’t know a lot of things in the game, I tell her. She named me Flank Champion. It’s just the three of us. My mother is the Eve. This place is still pretty advanced though.

I take over the carrot farm. I farm at least 85 carrots before my other sister has a child. I quickly grab him as I see no one cares about him. I named him Henry and started to feed him my carrots. We lived off carrots ever since.

I take care of the farm with the help of Henry, but I also have to take care of every child, as if the mothers don’t care. The one child I didn’t raise, was the one who ended it all. (Well for me at least)

Yellow Champion. She was my little sister.

I disconnected from the game. When I opened the app again, I saw that Purple Champion, my niece, was murdered. She murdered her own child! I remember now that she was looking for a knife for meat earlier…

I join back in and yell, YELLOW MURDERED MY NEICE!

I saw the grave and began to worry… What if she was still alive? What if she wanted to kill Henry!?

I ran to the woods and I saw her. I ran back and warned everyone to run and hide before she murdered them.

I saw Henry and a few other people running at her wanting to banish her, for griefing and killing many people. I ran with them.

Henry had sacrificed himself for his town, for his people. He was willing to be shot with an arrow to keep us, to keep me alive.

I am so sorry that you got murdered and I hope we can play with each other again soon. I love you so much Henry, and I am so so so SO sorry! :sob:

Family Tree


I was one of those nameless babies. Yellow wouldn’t feed me and I ended up running away to get help, but I starved.

What was the flagged post in the family chronicle? (Sorry, i am to curious)

I remember being in that family that flagged post was something about avengeing his mother yellow

And he killed 2 people during the proccess