Hi Im New Here

Ok so in my last life in OneHourOneLife game, i was literally named “YouNeedToDie Smith”
It wasn’t my mother’s fault, i think it was my aunt who picked me up and named me this, maybe she was tired of all of the babies being randomly born in the US-Beginner server, so thats how my character had his name till death, before i died i had 2 bratty grandkids and they were shitty, i didn’t even get to meet them.image


Welcome to the forums.(game?) Ya odd names happen

The thing about US beginner server is we will see a lot of troller there. I once trying to make civilization there and it’s awful.

Anyway, welcome to the game. Maybe we will meet in Singapore server. Feel free to ask something you want to know.

The US Beginner server should be a server you can play on only for a few lives.


Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

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