How about adding banishment in the tutorial?在教程中加入关于放逐的部分怎么样?


I think it’s very helpful to include the banish part in the can reduce abuse and tell new players how to protect their families.

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Yes, you may be right. We wanted to keep the tutorial as quick as possible, but maybe this is too important to not include? What do the rest of you think?



That’d be great!


In China, many players enter the town every day, and even entering the donkey town will not be alone. I think this is not normal. They often banish others because of small things. For example, a child who died on a tool, a child who didn’t want to play with him, or a mother who hugged the escaped child…

And I don’t think it have to add tutorials, videos, gifs, and texts to tell people how to use them reasonably, not against innocent people.