How about holding an architectural contest

It was hard to share or boast our civilization with other players.Also, it was nothing more than self-satisfaction when building. Also, people who are somewhat used to this game often feel bored because they no longer have content to do. :sob:

So i hope to holding an architectural contest each sever. This competition gives him a chance to show off and share the fruits of his and his family’s sweat. Also It will give you an opportunity to develop the importance and will to grow your village. If so, it would be more important to cultivate one’s own village than to destroy another’s village, which would help to fight griffer.
I haven’t thought of the way or the product of the competition yet. How about this event?


I wish the prize was a flower crown like this. It would be nice to use a wreath for a certain period of time when creating a character.

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its a nice idea. i guess there was an event like this before. it was called eternal cities:

maybe we can do it again?

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Eternal cities would be fun, the last time I got to play it was absolute chaos, but I’ve learned so much since then. Northwest corner town, yay!

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