How Can ANYone not know how to make fire?

Serious question. You have to make fire to finish the tutorial so how is it I’ve encountered SO MANY people who say they don’t know how to make fire?


Lol, that’s what puzzles me too. I understand not being able to make certain tools etc. at first, but literally the first thing yah learn is a fire!
I feel like people skip the tutorial all the time. My boyfriend did the first time playing and acted upset because the game was too hard. I’m like, “Well you didn’t learn how to do anything!” Haha


But I thought you weren’t able to be born into the regular world until you had completed the tutorial. Or has that changed?

In the tutorial the player is offered hot coals. The only thing they need to do is make kindling. What I have noticed is most people struggle with the tinder and the leaf. I see them with the long straight shaft, the fire bow and kindling. I think this problem and many others could be eliminated by being able to scroll forward and back more than one page in the recipe book.

Ahhh, right. I forgot. Then the tutorial should, perhaps, include all steps to making fire since it is the key element to survival. I’ve come across ppl who can’t be bothered with the recipe book and some who claim to not know of its existence.

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Is the recipe book only on mobile?

Desktop desperately needs a better way to view crafting possibilities.

Think some of it comes to nieveaty I started playing the game a couple of weeks ago and remeber how difficult it was to learn how to make fire in the tutorial it’s not explained very well and took me a good while to figure out how to do it so for a brand new player it is very daughting who has no experience of the game at all I think some people attempt it and see it as too hard not realising how important it is in the game thinking they may get away without ever having to make one because others will as they don’t know the scale of difficulty with making the more advanaced things luckily I’ve read every guide I can find and studied and can now pretty much do all the early civ stuff and some of the more advanced things I think if the tech book was a bit more like one tech it breaks it down really simple and makes it easier for players to work out what makes what

You can turn it off in cogs I mean settings at the beginning even turn it back on.

Yeah! The guide book does wonders for as a newbie!

I think they should offer the snake pit after you chop the oak tree using a self made steel axe instead of after you learn how to light a dang torch as if that’s even useful.

Yeah an extended tutorial would help Bevause experiences players know you can just practise there but it’s not actually built into the tutorial to make a steel axe and cut the tree down doesn’t tell you to do that, would be quite useful if everyone at least knew how to forge basic steel tools

I’ve played the tutorial half a dozen times, but I always give up on smithing, because its so damn difficult. I don’t find the recipe book easy to use at all! I Tried to figure it out using the recipes, but there’s always some step its not showing.

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@Korilian use much more easier to understand how to make things and stuff beats the book anyway :’)

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Awesome! Thanks

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It’s not the “Book of Recipies” but the “Book of Hints”. It will only show one step ahead, but will show all steps before. This is by design. It’s not like Stone Age people could look up a recipe of making roads. You have to get there one step at a time.
You are free to look at other resources online, but while in the game, there will be no such “cheating”. :smiley:


Techniqually @Christoffer if it’s on the web techniqually it’s still a player teaching another player because a player would have set up the website so wouldn’t be considered “cheating” :wink: lol :laughing::laughing:

Actually, the maker of, @ryanb, was one of our beta testers, so yeah he’s a player. Guess it’s not cheating then. (Good for me, I look at that page quite often :wink:)


Finally escaped the tutorial! Yay!

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