How can I start farming?

Is there any documentation on the recipes for this and getting started with farming and cooking and smithing?

I did the starter tutorial for the basics and I kinda understand that but when I go into practice trying to learn the Farming one on that practice server I just keep dying constantly and I cannot figure out how to do it even while looking at the book thing.

Can someone tell me or provide some screenshots on this step by step so I can learn this game better? It’s really fun so I want to play it a lot more once I get the hang of things.


ive learned the game by watching twisted playing one hour one life on youtube:


Okay great, thank you so much Heidi, I will take a look at that! :smiley:

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Same! He’s the reason I really got interested. I first found out about the game from Graystillplays. Then I started watching twisted. I literally watch his videos everyday(he uploads new content everyday).


I started watching it, makes a little more sense except for…

  1. Aside from putting down soil from the basket, no idea what to do after that yet
  2. No idea how to even plant seeds or where to find them yet
  3. No idea how to make a fire either

I’ll keep watching and try experimenting some more but will probably die a lot in the process lols, that’s what kept happening to me last night while I was playing and trying to figure things out though it didn’t really get me anywhere other than just scavenging and gathering stuff to try to understand it more…

Yeah just keep reading, watching, playing, and it will come together budd. I am pretty new myself. Been playing for about 3 weeks now, and I almost have figured out fully how to make a car. If you ever spawn in a Beyond family look for someone calling themselves Bee. That will be me, and I’ll help teach you the little I know.


Okay cool thanks, yeah, I think i’ll get it eventually just gonna take a mix of watching and trial and error lol

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use basket on soil, use basket of soil on ground, use bowl on soil (there are 3 soils in one basket, but u only need 2 soils for farming), use bowl of soil on ground to separate one bowl of soil from others. Use skewer on 2soils (or steel hoe , stone hoe will do), then the soil will be ready for seed.

how to get seed: berry seed – get a berry from berry bushes, pit it on ground, use flint chip on it and u will get berry seed.

use the seed on the soil, use bowl on pond or well (or even bucket)to get water ,use bowl with water on soil, wait and berry bushes will grow.

you can try using oneTech one hour one life for recipe (not all the them suits for YAH, but the basics are same)

if you hv problem of how to get a water pouch or bowl, or even basket and skewer, I think u better check in oneTech.


Okay thank you, last night I was playing again and messing around in a few games to figure it out but felt kinda useless so I let my character die and just kept going to the Farming & Cooking Practice Server.

I didn’t realize I could use the skewer on the ground yet. I think I am slowly starting to understand the knowledge book thing a little better, just slightly confusing at first, I figured out how to put soil down but then I got stuck for awhile after that trying to understand how to get seeds but somehow found some on a plant. It turned out to be carrot seeds, not sure how that happened lol.

I know it said I could water them so then I got stuck trying to figure that part out. I figured out I needed to water it. I found I could snare a rabit, skin it, and use the fur after dicing that into 4 fur peices but then I got stuck trying to find a thread for it since I didn’t see any of the bushes or anything for that in the Practice area.

And still struggling to figure out even how to make fire. I’m guessing that’s made in the kiln thing or something so I will go look at more youtube videos.

UPDATE: I just watched a video on fire I found on youtube so I am going to try to replicate that later on when I play the game again.


the thread come from milkweed, and I think you can check on oneTech for one hour one life, then you can find what you need and where to find and how to make it (they show it step by step)

if you don’t know how to make a bowl, you can click the link above and they show how to plant a berry Bush, and it shows how to make a bowl too. I learn from this site and I never watch any video, you can choose different learning methods to learn and practice yourself through tutorial. for me, I usually open one tech on laptop and practice on phone trying those steps, hope this helps you too.


Watching this on YouTube is was got me interested in playing this game too. I wanted to get the game but prefer playing on my phone over the computer. Then I found You are Hope and was thrilled. Some things are different between the two, but watching it on YouTube can help you learn a lot.