How care my horse from griefer

There are times when grippers put things on horses in villages. They abandon things with their horses and leave themselves to be killed by wild boars and bears.
So I often lose all the items with the horse and the clothes they wore. Even if you try to catch a horse again, the process of this process repeats itself and leads to a situation of a horse near the village.

So why don’t the horses that escaped make it possible for them to return to their domesticated place at a certain time?
Without horses, it is difficult to fix the village, not only because it is difficult to get things done quickly, but also because it is difficult to get resources.
I’ll waiting your answer @Christoffer

Sorry, but the game architecture does not allow objects (such as horses) to know anything about villages, or about where they were domesticated. So it is not possible to make them find their way back to a settlement.

We would need to make a new game to make things like this possible :wink:

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There are suggestions you can prevent this from happening. Why don’t you tell him where he died in action-logging? If you can mark it like a house bar, this problem can be solved and the game can be more harmonious because you can find the bones of the family who died far away.

Are we still talking about horses finding their way home? Who is dying in your scenario and how does that relate to the horses?

The man who rode the horse intentionally died without returning. There are times when not only Horse but also when family members die far away, they have to make their graves. For example, you can help Evechain or to express your gratitude.

Grifer’s behavior is certainly bad.
But just because we’re all suffering,
Not all villages can be good.
We also lose the freedom to play the game the more we limit it.
And I think you’re too frequent compared to other people.
The opinion is that such writing is not good. :frowning: