How do I find a village?

My peace lily didn’t work and I’ve been trying to find it for awhile. Apparently no matter how many times I’m reborn, I don’t respawn in the village I want. Is there a cheat or something that I can use?

Respawns in your village by «Peace Lily Marker»

  1. make your peace lily marker (once. not every life. it will be there until you change it.)
  2. live at least 10 years (10 minutes)
  3. get buried (you can also bury yourself, if you find your bones from past life.)

Other ways to find a village
Other ways to find a village is by «luck» or «someone can ring a bell tower» or «you know the map and where the spawns are». but the map is huge. so peace lily marker is a good way to find home.

Compass and markers
Here is a topic about the Compass and Marker