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Hi I’m smileyturtle we met before, my name might have been something else like JJ. I’ve made Mollytown my home base. I wanted to get in touch and see if there’s anything I can do to help the town. I’ve been working to make a wheelbarrow for several real life days and I just need one more handle.


Oh btw. I would’ve commented directly on the OG posts but I’m still trying to figure out how to use forums.

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I haven’t spawned in mollytown In a hot second , so I don’t really know what we have and don’t have, but it would nice to eventually build a bell. Of course we would have to do lots of other things first, but that is a goal I have set for myself and anyone else who is willing to help. Other than that, It would be nice if we could send expeditions out to see if there are any towns/Eve camps that spawned in the general area. Other then that, I think our village is good to expand however the family that lives there chooses to expand on it.

So basically, do whatever you are able to do, and that is good enough.

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