How do we get red roses and white roses?

I heard we need to rest the seed for an hour or two. But which seed?

So I try to rest the seed that i get from domestic rose in the cold bowl for an hour, but it produces pink roses. So I try different ways, this time the domestic seed is put on the bowl for a minute and i took it off and leave it for an hour. It still produces pink rose. I tried again to skin the seed and leaves it for an hour and then put it on the bowl for a minute but it still produces pink

Where do I get wrong?

every color start from wild rose seed, cut with flint chip, stay for one hour on ice bowl it will become red rose, stay for two hours they will become white.

pick a white rose and dye it you can get blue rose (won’t decay on ground)

and you can get white rose seed / red rose seed directly from domestic white and red roses


And you also got blue roses.

I tried that but still produce pink. Is it because I used private server?

Purple too, right?

nope, it’s nothing due to private server, u hv to put the wild seed and cut with flint chip and place on floor, and PLAY FOR ONE HOUR to get red rose AND PLAY FOR TWO HOURS to get white rose. If you put on floor and log off the game and wait two hours, that’s not count :joy: , the time which the seed put on the ground is PLAY TIME :joy: (I think it’s play time​:joy:)