How do we make medical equipments?

A link or so? (: Thanks in advance :heart:

Shear a sheep, it will give you a small ball of yarn, cut it with a flint chip or shears, now you have two balls of thread. Go ahead and make six. With one, attach a bone needle to it. Add a bowl of water to the hot coals, and dip the ball of thread into it, then put into a bowl, be sure not to put on the ground after you dip in hot water, as it will become dirty, and you will need to dip it again. You can hold five pads in one bowl.
A clean pad and then a needle with a ball of thread can save a person from stab wounds, wolf bites, bear bites, and wild boar attacks.
If you need to know how to save someone from a snake or arrows, let me know.
Also, sadly, you cannot save yourself, only others.


Thank you!! That’s so much help tbh (: add just how can you save someone with a snake bite?

You need to catch a horse, feed it carrot and put saddle, don’t put cart on them. Then ride that horse and kill the horse by approaching the snakes. Drew a knife and kill the horse with the knife. Take a bowl and took the horse blood, it will be antidote.

When someone are injured by snakes bites, took sterile wool pad and clean the wound. take a knife, burn the knife to fire to makes it sterile knife, dip it into horse blood and apply to the wound. I don’t know if we need to sew the wound with needle and thread.