How do you create rag clothes?

I’m just wondering, do you have to die to make one? I’ve seen it in dead eve camps. If I’m correct. What clothes do you have to wear when you die?

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Rag clothes are clothes that decade over time, and means they will dissappear in due time. Idk wich clothes have the decay button on them, but it takes maybe few lives to decay them, depending on the server decay timer.


i think mostly the rabbit clothes do decay after a while. also the wool clothes can decay, if you sew them. but not the cloth turban, cloth sash and cloth skirt. there are also some clothes with no decay at all: None Decay Clothing Options

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once I decided to grow 2-4 lilys and planted one for myself , I came back multiple times (I didn’t want to) I think I got to see rag clothes then onky the sheep skin remained. I know it’s bad to grow and place lilies but ;/ learned from that experience.