How do you /die as a baby?

I know you can do it on PC so I want to see if there’s a way on mobile too. I saw someone in my family die once of grief (which I looked up to mean they had too many babies that died from SIDS) So there must be a way right?

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Idk ask @Maengish

all players can die of starvation or get killed by wild animals or other players. but dying of grief is a bit a different story. its in game so mother will raise their babies.

when your mom dosent raise you, or when you as baby (0-3 years old) run away from your mom and you die of some sort, the mom will “grief over losing her baby” and therefore lose food pips.

as mom you need to keep an eye on your food pips, when you starve your babies or when your babies run away and die. once you let die 3 babies, your food pips will take a big hit. thats why some moms die of grief.

if a mother dosen’t want to raise babies, she can take a contraceptive. the recipe is: carrot seed crushed with a round stone on a flat rock.

if a baby dosen’t want to spawn to a certain mother, you can click on that mother. an icon should appear, you can click, so you won’t spawn to this player again.

there is no /die command

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