How does temperature work?

I just read in a post from July that temperature affects your hunger? What are the specifics of this?

When your the coldest you can be (dark blue) your hunger drains fast. Above that is light blue and that doesn’t drain your hunger as fast. Then there is green which is ideal temperature and your hunger bar goes down the least. Then there is yellow which I think is the same as light blue. Above that is orange which your hunger drains fast now. Lastly there is red which means your hunger drains the fastest out of all of them.

(This is just from my experiences playing. I’m not sure about all of them)

Where do you see these colours??

Top left. All the way next to the hunger bars

Do clothes protect against weather? I’ve been experimenting with this but can’t see any difference with the clothing combos I tried.

I agree there is very little effect. Shoes, I find, make the most difference. But generally I don’t worry about it much and just accept the speed I get hungry.

There is difference in clothing indeed. But knowing different biom temperatures, is the key benefactor in your temperature. For example dessert and jungle bioms are the hottest of them all, and swamp and winter bioms are the coldest. If you are wearing some clothing in the hot bioms you will get closer to the red measure zone, compared to when no clothing will give you ideal(green) temperature. Opposite goes for the cold bioms. If in a cold biom you wear some clothing, it will bring you closer to the ideal temperature compared to no clothing. Note that each clothing gives you different temperature levels (X-mas hat and jacket are the warmest and dessert clothing are the cooler of them all). Most of the clothing are mainly mid-term, and yes shoes and hats give you more heat than the rest of the set of clothes, you are wearing. I hope that explains most of the tempreture issues people may have in game, and starve less. Plus you are allways free to experiment with clothing by your self and correct me i am wrong, somewhere in this novel :grinning: Happy reading! :blush:


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