How does the canals work?

When i see the new update description, it says they added canals. I played the game and the new features I see is we can dig dirt using shovel to make rice field and also we can makes bridges on something like canals. But I don’t know how to make canals or how does it works. Do you know how?

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What kind of canal?

Use stakes with round stone untill you get the one for roads and floors. Use the shove to dig the dirt out untill you cant any more then use a bucket of water on it to make the canal. You can soak rice seeds until they start sprouting and then put them in the canal to grow two rice for one seed and no soil.
I dont know how to make the briges though.

Does the canals can be used to water the berry farm?

I don’t know exactly how to make bridges, but I see the recipe when I want to break wood fence.

I think the canals only for the rice field. When we dig ground, there’s plenty of dirt waste. The dirt can’t be used to fertilize the farm.

No they cant watter the farms. But that might be a good idea if they auto watered plants within two tiles of the canal

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That would make them more desirable, if the canals could water the garden nearby. Using the dirt for gardens would be great too.
What if the huge dirt pile plus sheep dung, could equal a dirt pile for the garden.
If that is too easy then sheep dung plus a bowl of smashed berries and carrots…