How does the Eve spawn work?

Hello, I would like to know how the Eve spawn works because I want to continue my camps when I die! Also is there a strategy for spawning in the same place as an Eve?

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I don’t know . But I heard that if you live until 60 as eve each time , your chance to be spawn at the same place is higher . However , since eve spawn is misused , I heard that it only works especially when people in server is little or the number of eve is lesser than 3 or 4. But still it is hard question. I think later others that are more pro than me will answer your question. Please bare with my answer for now .

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Thanks for your time!

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If you die at 60 as eve, you will need a home marker…

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The way it works is:

  1. If you die at 60 as an eve your next eve spawn location is stored there. If there are 4 or more fertile females on the server the next time you were to become an eve, then your previous eve spawn location is deleted and you instead spawn into the wilderness.

  2. Please ignore whatever I said in my “Tips:Eve spawns” it’s outdated and most of the info was off due to a previous bug. For example the “setting up your home marker each life” thing isnt true. Nothing effects eve spawns,other than what I say in 1.

You don’t need a home marker.

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there is also a methode of placement how eves spawn. its in form of a spiral so its harder to know where your old camp was. also the spiral gets reset from time to time.

what helps is looking for clues where other people walked by. if you find eggs by the ponds or rabbits out of the hole or blooming cactus you will find soon places where others have been.

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If you die of old age as an eve it will save your eve spawn where you died at. The next time you play if there are less then 4 fertile woman on in the game you will either spawn as a an eve where you died or be born as a baby. If there are more then four fertile woman then you can either spawn as an eve in a random location or be born as a baby again.

You can be born as a baby a thousand times and never lose your eve spawn, but if your ever born as an eve it removes your eve spawn location and you would have to die of old age as an eve again to set it.


I find sometimes when I die at 60 (as an Eve) I end up spawning in the wilderness but usually close to my home or another village.