How many food bars do i get? Yum bonus

Here is a list about how many bars a food will fill you up.
Your character can have a max. of 20 bars + yum bonus.

Bars Food Servings
1 Baby Bottle (sip)
1 Pine Needle Tea
1 Smashed Carrot Seed
2 Gooseberry
3 Mushroom
3 Popcorn (quarter bowl)
3 Raspberry
4 Blueberries (half bowl)
4 Green Beans
5 Bowl of Gruel
5 Shucked Ear of Corn
6 Baked Potato (half bite)
6 Bowl of Sauerkraut
6 Wild Onion
7 Broth Goose (bones)
7 Broth Meat (pork)
7 Cooked Mutton (half bite)
7 Carrot
7 Wild Carrot
7 Carrot Pie (quarter plate)
8 Blueberries (full bowl)
8 Carnitas
8 Onigiri
8 Slice of Bread
8 Piece of Cake (half plate)
8 Skim Milk
9 Banana
9 Burdock Root
9 Dumplings
9 Mango slice (half plate)
10 Bean Taco
10 Berry Pie (quarter plate)
10 Blueberries with Cream
10 Blueberry Pie (quarter plate)
10 Boiled Rice
10 Broth Turkey
10 Buttered Bread
10 Cactus Fruit
10 Cooked Goose (half bite)
10 Cooked Rabbit
10 Egg Halves
10 Noodles and Egg in Goose Broth (quarter bowl)
10 Noodles and Egg in Meat Broth (quarter bowl)
10 Noodles and Egg in Turkey Broth (quarter bowl)
10 Porridge
10 Raspberry Pie (quarter plate)
10 Sponge Cake Slice
10 Stick Bread
11 Three Sister Stew (half bowl)
13 Whole Milk
14 Cooked Goose Pie (quarter plate)
14 Rabbit Pie (quarter plate)
15 Mutton Pie (quarter plate)
15 Pork Pie (quarter plate)
15 Rabbit Carrot Pie (quarter plate)
16 Bear Stew
16 Sweet Porridge (Honey)
17 Pork Taco
19 Bean Burrito
19 Cooked Fish
19 Omelette
19 Turkey Slice
19 Turkey Drumstick

Thanks @Sorah, @Rielle, @Yumyum, @Half_Wing and @Homsi for your help to create the list! If there are missing foods let us know.


I love this🤩 I’m gonna use it for yum!


What’s the maximum number of Yum you can get? How high have people gotten?

I never get more that +3, but I am a terrible c o o k.

there is a trick to get a higher yum bonus. when you survive mosquitos, you will be hungry. so you can eat again. thats how you get a bonus over 150+ basically you will never eat again after that bonus.

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A couple of times, my yum bonus did not increase by one, it DOUBLED! Once from 13 to 26, and another time from 15 to 30! How do I make that happen on purpose??!

i think yum counts how many different things you eat.

so when you eat a berry twice, it only counts the amount of different foods you ate since the last berry. so to get higher and higher scores, dont eat anything twice.

but idk if it is better to eat many little things that gives you a smaller amount of food bars (carrot seed) or if you should eat things that give you a lot of food bars (Turkey drumstick).

Say you’re at +10 bonus. Next food is +11 bonus. Resulting in +21 bonus.

Now next food gives +12 bonus. Since you’re at 21… add 12 and you get +33 bonus.

My strategy is building bonus… then mosquitos… then build bonus again… then mosquito… then build again…

Basically getting mosquitoed twice.