How pizza should look

I have seen some people ask for pizza here on the forum. Like on this post:
I think this is allready added on OHOL, but i came up with my own idea allready, so here it is:

  1. Put dough on a flat rock and use a long straight shaft for spread dough on flat rock.
  2. Use the new plant: wild tomato plant. It comes in the blue biome
    It contains 5 wild tomatoes that can be harvested with your hands.
    You can eat them for 6 hunger bars. The remaining plant wont grow new ones. You can remove the plant with a sharp stone. When you eat a tomato, the seeds remain. These you can plant in soil to get domestic tomato plant. There also grow 5 ones, but this time not wild. These you need to put in a bowl and crush with an stone. Now you have tomato sauce.
  3. Put the sauce on the slice to get raw pizza without cheese.
  4. Put mozzarella on to get raw pizza.
  5. Use a shovel to grab the pizza and bake it in a hot oven to get a pizza! It takes 10 second for the pizza to bake.
  6. Maybe add some topings, like:
  • Onions, basicly wild or maybe even domestic hit with a knife.
  • Mushrooms hit with a knife.
  • Meat, like pork.
  • Other plants and vegtables for on the pizza.
  1. Click on your pizza to get a pizza slice, now eat it!
    One pizza contians 8 slices, that give 14 hunger bars!
    You can put 4 in a backpack if you want to.

Ty for reading, hope i didnt make you hungry!
(Me at least :drooling_face:)


The swamp biome?


I think this is a great suggestion and i would like to add some minor suggestions on this topic.

  • make it 8 slices like in real life but they will fill less hunger bars.
    Also you cannot put a full pizza in your backpack, only slices.
  • Pork salami/bacon as topping, this way we can also use the pork salami/bacon and cheese to make different recipes like sandwiches.

  • Maybe PINEAPPLES?! This ingrediënt has been a controversial topic in many cultures, many believe that it shouldnt belong on a pizza although some enjoy it.

Broccoli? :broccoli:

What about different types of cheese to put on the pizza?

Yes, that one. Thank you.

Or flint chip?

Yes, good idea, that would be more safe.

I am not sure what other cheese, but yes, thats an good idea.

Even beter! Like that.

Good idea, pork whe can add allready.

Yes, pizza hawai is my favorite pizza so yes :drooling_face:
Lets add some palm trees in the jungle then!

We can try, that would be very hard to do though.

What do you mean?

Its hard to make in real life, because its an mixture of cauliflower and spinach.

Cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, American cheese, etc.

Hmm yes, if we have like goats we can.

Make a suggestion for goats then.

I was going to make a suggestion for more domestic animals, so yes.


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Lmao i want spinach in the game. Its good on pizza but i mostly just want it so when i get older i can run around with a bowel of spinnach yelling at the little kids for not eating their spinnach XD lmao

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Wait a second… look at the sweet and spicy update at OHOL.

Wow, thats actualy a lot of things i thought of!