How to be a good respectful player (and not piss people off)

Alot of people come here from the appstore because its a cute game, and it is. However you wont know much if you didnt come from ohol or 2hol. Because the tutorial sucks. I am not gonna teach you how to do the mechanics per say but newcomer, or professional if you follow these rules everyone in their town is bound to love you.

1.) Be useful- please do stuff, help around don’t just stand and eat food all day.
2.) Do not waste- whether you know it or not every item on the game has a really good use. Only cut trees meant to be cut down, (aka the ones in the desert and swamp). Do not pick or water all the carrots ( they despawn). try not to use log as kindling, however this one is not too bad because fire wood can run out. Please dont use the horse for fun, people need it to gather materials.
3.) Prepare. Prepare. Prepare- This is the most important rule, because it can be the downfall of villages at times. Do not touch anything without the preperations. I cant tell you how infuriating it is to have someone ruin something simply because they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. (this rule applies animals mainly: dont touch baby animals if you dont have food to raise them, dont capture animals without proper fencing,)
4.)Do as i Say, Not as I do. - sometimes players will see me doing something and try to help but ultimately ruin the task. It is fustrating but not too bad because they had good intentions. If you see someone doing something do not touch without asking. Do not pick up the tool after them and continue what they were doing, If they wanted more they would have made/got more. One example of this is i killed one sheep to feed dogs or make pies i can’t remember, and a little boy was watching me. As soon as i dropped the knife he killed three more and said sorry i was trying to help.
5.) Banish properly- This is the worst part of the game people ban for the most stupid reasons. If the person isn’t wasting materials, saying utterly offensive stuff, or griefing don’t ban them please. dont waste your token as something silly like taking a basket. Also if someone is ruining the town dont be a bystander. I hate when people say oh can we just play together, stop guys. Like- im willing to play peacefully but when they literally start destroying the town its time to ban.
6.)Replace what you waste- Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But in this case the opposite. anything you make can be seen as a waste to another person, so to avoid confrontation just replace what you took. (took a crop? replant. Killed a sheep? breed another. emptied a pond? make a well). this rule is guaranteed to have you scotch free of trouble. no one can say anything to you if you replace everything.
7.) Do Not Kill For Fun.- the only animals i can wholeheartedly say are meant for killing are snakes, bears and mosqitoes. Try not to kill everything in your vicinity. Respect Nature. Wolves can be turned into dogs, mouflons into sheep, buffaloes into cows and more. Speaking of sheep, if u see a mouflon in the sheep pen DONT kill it. It makes breeding sheeps alot easier, because you only have to feed their babies once. ( regular sheep has to be fed to get preg, and then you have to feed the baby so its more food wasted). And if you do kill at least make sure the village has the domesticated version so the town can get the items from the said animal later.

thats really it. If you follow these rules youll never get in trouble pretty much and youll make it alot easier to play with you


These are all so important!!! Especially number 6 - i always see people use tons of resources without putting in any effort to replace it. Thanks for writing all this!

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