How to Coming back to your old village in low populate server

My last thread was me whining about the low populate server. But now I’ve found a way to reborn in my old place.

  1. Makes home mark and put lily petal in that place.
  2. Live until you are 60 and die of an old age.
  3. If no eve or fertile mother in the server, you will born in the place you put your mark.
  4. Burry your Bones if it still in your place. And you don’t have to die of an old age anymore. Unless you can’t find your bones.
  5. If you fail to live until your 60 in step 2. That’s okay. Just spawn back to the server. You will be spawn randomly in the server. The next thing you should do is to live until 60 again. You can do whatever you want in the mean time, like hunting or looking for your old place if you’re lucky.
  6. The method not always work for number 5. especially when there’s fertile mother. You will born as baby. If you do reborn as baby while you didn’t have the chance to burry your bones, you need to live until 60 again. And if you reborn again as baby, you need to live again until 60.

Hope you understand what I’m saying


nice strategy advice! i do it the same way. thanks for sharing.

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