How to deal with bears

I just lost a whole family to a single bear and it wasn’t the first time (this month). And I personally think they’re not that dangerous. Their walking patterns are predictable, they can’t really hide behind trees and they only really spawn if you have a griefer in town.
And you are completely invulnerable if you stand on an object!!!
And in addition to that it’s not really hard to deal with them, even if you are completely unprepared:
While one person leaves the town to get a bow and 3 Arrows, the others stay in the berry bush fields or make sure there is always something beneath them. Roads do not count as objects here! (Easy rule to remember: if you can’t leave a horse on it, a bear won’t get on it either.)
Bears might be scary if you are new to the game, but if you stay calm and behave correctly, they’re really no threat and definitely nothing that should make a whole family go extinct.


For me my biggest problem is to shoot them, I somehow can never hit them, and when I do, I often move out of safety and die :frowning:

In my birth village (whe3e I play alone), I woke a bear to get fur, it took me 5 life’s to kill it, because I keept moving out of safety :woman_facepalming: I even put several stone piles, so I would accidentally pick up my “safety item”.

Do you have any advice on how to hunt a bear? :thinking:

If you play in the same town often you can make bear traps @Buttercup


Wow, amazing! Thank you very much :grin::clap: