How to eat and craft

I have been pretty confused lately of how to eat it would be a pleasure if someone told me

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To eat you need to pick up food

For berry bushes and carrots and any other foods like pie click on the food and swipe down on your character

To craft you need to pick up a item and swipe down on the other item

For crafting recepies wisit

Note that the direction of the swipe doesn’t matter for crafting or eating. Left, Right, Up, Down… all work equally well.

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For more info wisit @WolfgirlAria s topic for begginers where she explained and put dome wideos for begginers

She did a good job

Rlly I didn’t know tnx for the info

You’re welcome!

Dropping items and picking up containers (like baskets) are the only swipes with a mandatory direction.


So that is why I have been eating random things when I don’t want to!

Like when I mean to drop something at my feet but don’t swipe quite far enough and eat it.

Personally I think that eating should be a “swipe up” only action. Since accident Eating pie or stew when you have almost a full health bar is sad!

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We want to keep the controls consistent and without exceptions if possible.
To use the thing in your hand, you always swipe to the target, from any direction (food, clothes, filling bowls, crafting,…). Feeding another player a carrot (or anything) is also a swipe from any direction onto that character (same with stabbing or shooting).

Sure, mistakes happen, but we prefer that to having the controls change with the item in your hand.
I can’t count the times in the PC version that I’ve accidentally eaten a carrot instead of putting it into my backpack…

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Really i didnt know that. It took me 9 deaths to figure out how to eat so i guess it just stuck with me. Haha😆

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The tutorial is coming next week… :wink:


That sounds great please make sure that learning how to farm and bake is in the tutorial plz and thank you.

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Also hunt and craft

Let’s not get carried away :wink:
The tutorial goal is to learn how to play, but not how to be successful. Teaching and learning is part of the game itself and should not be moved to the tutorial.

Don’t you agree?


Truthfully i end up killing myself when trying to teach since all near by food usually gone when my hunger bar goes off. How about the same tutorial as the one on the computer with added controls for gameplay. I usually tell people to go watch youtube when they dont know how or just watch me and copy. When i am playing i am really focused on that one task to make sure that i am optimizing my time in the village

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I am not able to pick up baskets with stuffs in it. :frowning:
I was able to. But not anymore.

Swipe up, starting on the basket

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