How to effeciently make bricks in the next update

  1. Make the quarry in the desert with plenty of sand dunes.
  2. You could mine the mud directly into the wheelbarrow.
  3. Once you’ve dug two or so pits you could grow rice in them so that you could convert them into staw for bricks.
  4. Make the bricks with the ingredients you have.
  5. Use the bricks to make a road to camp.
  6. Now theres a quarry for bricks and rice. Extra rice stalks could be used for baskets and compost.

(Rice grown in the water features grow fast. You will have an over abundance of rice.) In one life you can regrow the rice plants about 5 times. each time producing two rice plants.
Since the quarrys just need a bucket of water after dug you can grow even more rice.

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I guess I’ll be making a brick farm in the new update!

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Can we make brick now? I’ve tried to put the dirt in the wheelbarrow but it didn’t work. Am I missing something?

You have to wait for the next release in another week or so.

Can you have it for handcart too