How to get a Mine from a Bear Cave?

Hey! Yes, I used the Book, and added straight shafts and a rail kit to create a mine from an empty cave. It was called an “Empty Mine” though, and my pickaxe did nothing. Checking the book again, it called for using explosives…so I did that. And now I just have a collapsed mine!

What am I missing here?

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mines can collapse by dynamite. it takes up to 2 weeks till it gets reset. the chances for collapsing are random. i think it was bad luck. unfortunatly you can’t do anything. maybe you can find a new bear cave nearby.

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Ok, so I was supposed to blow it up, but 80% of the time this results in an actually working mine…got it! I have zero experience with mines, so I had no idea!

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yes if you are lucky, you can mine so much ore, that you will have too much in the end :slight_smile:


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