How to make A Life story? *FIXED*

I actually sound like a noob but seriously, how?
Only these choices are available and I tried searching.

I also have a LOT of both happy and frustrating stories to share even :(. The instruction is abit unclear to me, but then again… I’m just overwhelmed with how short it is.

There’s supposed to be drop menu down the title

And there’s should be plenty options when you scroll down.

Also, i can’t see your picture that you attached there. Hmmm.

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Oh i see I’ll try and thanks!

Sadly these are the only options that appear aside from the selected one. I tried searching and and scrolling down to no avail. :frowning:

That’s weird. Are you sure you scroll down in the box? I can see the scrollerbar in your picture. But if it still doesn’t work. Try to open it with another browser or use PC.

Or you can use those “search option”

Try using the search option.

Tried it didntwork. Ive also tried different browsers

Tried it :frowning: sidnt work. Thanksanyways. I might as well give up on that

This explains a lot. But stillhaven’t got the options to make a life story :frowning:


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I see that you are using opera mini just like me. Which version is yours? Mine is opera beta

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I’m using this

I’ve actually realized this site have atimer about posting stuffs. I can post life stories now! Thank you for helping out tho!