How to make crock storage labels?

I see it on the hint list but for the life of me I can’t figure it out, most items go back so I can see how it was made not the dam note though. Can someone help please?

Do you mean notes like these?

They are not in the game yet, but will come in a later update.

Paper is made from cooking wood shavings. A process with several steps.

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Oh, looks nice!

I know what you mean. It just the hint book showing up label but in reality they’re not showing up. I have similar problems with you before I realized it. But don’t worry, in the next update they will give real pictures now.


What s/he’s meant is actually this one.


Is by any chance this is you?

The “pocahontas Tribal”?

That actually looks like a bug. When does that show up in the hint book, do you know? Thanks.

When we hold an empty crock with lid and open the hint book, we’ll see this. @Christoffer

Great info, should be easy enough to find the cause then. Already submitted the ticket in our system. Thanks again!

Ah yah that “catagory” thing has been in the recipe bood since crockpot storage first came out i remember seeing it but then forgot it while playing with the mechanics lmao. Since you have to be holding it and check the book i think a lot of people never noticed it.

Lol you said bood do you mean book?

Thank you guys very much, I’m glad it wasn’t just me then cuz I tried everything lol

Yes virunthanwa that’s exactly what I/he was talking about thank you

With all that paper thats going to be floating around it may be necessary to have a way yo get rid of paper and notes via fire or trash pit.

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I think it will be fine. Paper can stack up to six already.

Edit: oh you meant because of notes.
Hmmm yah but then people would just get rid of notes for no reason i prefer the idea of instead of them being trashed etc there be a proper way to store them like 6 written papers in small box (the beehive one) itd be nice if notes despawned after a while if they are not properly stored in a basket or a box etc.

Yeah I think making a scrap book for lose notes or notes temporary and actual books permanent unless disposed of. If you have note despawn if taken out of a box it would be the same as trashing and sometime you want the note to be in an obvious place to find.

The beehive would make a great mail box now that you mention it but more reason to find a way to get rid of spam mail and jury duty :joy:

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Oh, this is my home.