How to respawn in same village?

Hi everyone, newbie here. I tend to be the only one on the European server when I have time to play, and I can only progress so far as a solo Eve. Is there a way to die of old age and respawn near my original spot?


what you need is a peace lily marker. make a home marker. find a peace lily petal in the jungle. put it on the home marker.

you can have one peace lily marker on every server. you can’t carry over respawns to other servers.

you have to set the peace lily only once on a home marker, after that you dont have to do it anymore, unless you want to change the spawn position.

to get a respawn do this:

live at least 10years. get buried. once someone set the tombstone (other player or even yourself), it triggers your respawn for your next life. in your next life you will spawn at your peace lily (50 tiles radius).

if nobody is on the server, nobody can bury you and finding your own bones from a past life is hard. so there are different rules. you can live to 60yo to get a respawn. but next time you play, make sure nobody is on the server. this only works, if you play alone.


Yes, if you regularly play alone, it should not be too hard. If you live to 60 and die of old age on a server, AND when you come back to play later there is no female of childbearing age playing there, you will respawn near you marker. Once that happens, make sure you find you own old bones and bury them, with a grave marker stone. This will put you in a loop…you’ll respawn, find your bones and bury them again, etc. etc. etc.

Good luck!

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