Humongous Towns

On the forums, I always see pictures of lavish and advanced towns, plus the new update allows for even more advanced things! Wow! Yet, whenever I spawn into a family, the town is either an eve camp, or a slightly advanced town that eventually gets killed off by a bear or lack of food. Well, except for once. I was born into a small family, an eve who happened to stumble upon this masterpiece. It was so advanced! If the family lived on, no doubt they would reach the most advanced item in the game. That is, if they did. Once the eve became over 40 years of age and was unable to bear offspring, she unfortunately had but one child left, obviously a newer player as she would not feed her kids at all and left them to die. I was quite disappointed. I would like to know how to spawn into a large town, and why I might not be.

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If you want to be in a large town. The only way to definitely do it is to build it yourself. If you are an eve, always always always live to 60 that is your #1 job.
Then the next time you spawn as an eve it will be at the same spot. Therefore, you living multiple eves in the same location creates a bigger town. :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope this helps.


Follow the Eve spiral.

I heard the eve spawned didn’t work now.

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It’s depend on how many people in the server. Singapore server is the lowest server that people goes to. I like to come here because it didn’t lag in my phone. Yet, because not many player here you will find a lot of solo player. Sometimes you can bron in these people’s advance village but sadly you can’t lives there because they will ignore and makes you starve to death.

I once born in a good village and everything is so nice. The eve is very kind and told us what should we do and makes clothes for us. And then she die without any girl in the village. I died the last. I hope i can back to that village again and met the best eve ever.

Same. Very same. But i think i know what you mean. Last time i got the thing you just said. Can you tell me the family name or send me a link of it?

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Is this for me?

Can’t send the link, it’s too far back, but I remember the family name was Life.

Okay. Cant find it. But still thanks.

Has anyone else been finding this lately, but there appear to be increasing numbers of relatively advanced villages. Recently I found one which even had basic iron tools. For mobile this was once very rare for me to find. I guess the lack of players means that on the lower population servers there are few advanced towns

did u make a snowman there? I find a snowman in my solo town when I am back, and I hv got all basic tools

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That was probably mother life. Shes an awesome mom. Also part of the fellowship-just saying.

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