Hypothetical Question

What if there were an Event that you could play on your own private Friends Server?
What event would you most like to play, in that case?

Out of the ones that came out I would love to do the apocalypse race.

Out of things that dont exist a snowball fight arena :joy:

That or mario cart rainbow road 200cc

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hunting events :joy:
I didn’t play in the hunting and bear riding events cos everytime I join, stuck in saving the over sized berry farm and feeding others, so I would like to hv the hunting events in private server where you can play in teams and discuss strategy :joy:

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Fishing events.

We need to find the worm that hides in different places and catch fish as much as we can.

Take a look at https://forum.onehouronelife.app/t/improvements-to-private-servers/5678, item #7. This question just became much less hypothetical!

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