I couldnt move?

So i was playing and i got born. I was following my mom as a baby then I grew hair, so she put me down. I then tried to move, but i couldnt! I clicked around me but my character wouldnt do anything. My mom picked me up and i clicked somewhere and my character went down. That and typing in the chat seemed the only thing i could do… i told my mom to let me starve since there was no reason for me to stay alive anyway… found this whole situation fustrating…

Seen this before as well.

Occasionally if you pick up the baby and place somewhere else it can break the glitch

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Happened to one of my children in the wolflords family, when we broke the record… However as a baby she couldn’t move.

We have heard from others about this issue as well. It’s really odd. But it’s been logged in the bug list. There has been too many things I have to do. I will get to it as soon as I can.