I deleted the game heres my take

I loved this game for awhile but the griefing and killing of babies and rude horrible players make it very tiresome.

I loved helping other towns wherever they needed it and eventually I started my own town. It was a very beautiful place and had lots of resources. My lily was on a marker in this town.

Shortly after making it the trouble began. Once I logged in and all my pigs were killed. I was left with just sheep. My tools and clothes missing. Everything was scattered around. I located some hidden in trees thruout the area close to my town. This town was griefed many times and nobody really knew how to ban but me.

Eventually I built the town back up and had lots of iron and resources,tools,multiple horses and carts, a well running kitchen,lots of every food variety, different clothes. This town was successful and thriving and getting bigger even.

I had many successful family lines and some so not but thats understandable. My last straw was when I gave birth as eve to my town. I had 2 girls and a boy and when they was about 20 they decided while in my town. They told me they was going to all go and start a new town.

I was farming at the time and they each took a horses and carts loaded with baskets, iron,all my tools,food,bellows , you name it. It was all sitting in these carts and they also had backpacks full of stuff. I was mad and told them to not take the items from my town!

If you want to make your own town fine but leave mine alone. They trotted off following each other and left me alone in my town. Had no tools and I knew they wasn’t ever returning the horses and carts. The clothes they wear or any of the items they took with them.

So I soon realized that no rules exist in this game. It is basically every person for themselves and it really makes it not fun. To make it short it made me so mad I deleted the game and I don’t think I’ll be returning.

Needs to be more rules to control griefers and people who destroy towns on purpose. I just don’t see the point in it really. I know many others who left cause of the same reasons and I just wanted to throw this out there as well. People who play this game for real are sick of afk babys,griefers,rude people, and just generally sick of the whole experience.


sad to hear :cry: another heart shattered by griefer. mine never healed. it seems like you just cant stop them.


Same here, I made a great town with tons of stuff as well but it got ruined. Some of my kids started fighting and one of them brought bears, I told them to stop but they didn’t listen and all of my kids started stealing bows and arrows and bringing bears just cause of an argument, Eventually everyone died expect me and my daughter. We couldn’t kill the bears and i just gave up, I told my daughter i love her and i destroyed my lily marker and died.

Its really unfair, people put hard work into their towns and it just gets ruined :frowning:


I’ve had this problem many times, if you have patience you can make a wall and buildings to lock up the important things (the forge, the iron, the kitchen). Have backup livestock in the nearby forest. There’s also the crushed carrot seed for birth control. The wall to me is the best solution. I just remade my town and my wall is 75% done. I know it’s fun to have kids but sometimes you just have to play solo and have kids only sometimes. Hopefully things would get updated for the better. I totally understand why you stopped tho.


i was building a road to connect some cities. someone then dug up and stole all my road tiles. used them for their project and even used them inside their closed base.

so they destroyed my project to make their project.

the road was on eu-nokids server. this road was ment for all players, so the main 4 spawn places would be connected.

after that i gave up.


Tbh it’s so bad that when I’m playing it in public and people ask me if it’s good I tell them it’s not worth the mental health damage💀 I have never ever had to tell someone to NOT play what I was playing on my phone


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