I don’t want to play in this home

On this day, I entered the Japanese service. On the basis of many generations, I made a pump using oil, and then I saw that more places needed water. Therefore, in order to avoid the dry pond and the waste of geese in the future, I killed the geese close to me. I didn’t kill all the geese. Then an old man began to expel me, and then all the Japanese began to expel me. I didn’t know Japanese, but this practice made me sick, Everyone has different ideas. You may want a lot of eggs, but for me, eggs are a very good collection. If you want continuous eggs, you’d better not collect eggs where you need water (next to the work area). Maybe you really need eggs, but as far as I can see, there is no shortage of eggs at home. I think it’s strange that I go to the daily service because they are willing to raise children, but do you like internal fighting or despise all foreigners. I don’t know any Japanese. I thought everyone would respect others in the game. Last time I was a tool for oiling. I was misunderstood, so I showed him what I was doing, and then everyone understood me. I also successfully hit the oil and was no longer short of water. I think I may have made a mistake. It’s just a small game for me. For the person who misunderstood me, it may be his home. I’m very sorry to enter your home. I hope I won’t be allowed to enter such a home again in the future

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