I don't have Nay servers to play on

Every Server has like 5 people in them. Is this game dead?

This game is far from dead. Have you seen the other servers?

All you need to do is play Japanese server haha…

Yeah how doi change server. Only eu us1 us2 and signapore show up for me

Change main language in settings

How will I communicate with people that don’t speak English?

Maybe google translate

Oh you can ignore people like I do but when ur a baby say 2 and they will give you food

That takes too long. Why are so many Japanese and Korean people playing this game? Are there any English speaking people in there?

It’s just super popular in Asia.

Of course. There’s plenty of English speaking people in this game.

No i mean on the Japanese server

Theres few

There’s a few.


Well a few isn’t enough. Anyway thanks for the help


That’s not nice.