I got a suggestion

Can we add a way to stack carrots? It becomes annoying when your farming and they kind of take one tile each why not like five or six for each tile? That way it’s easy to do, also Everytime I make a backpack in private server, it vanishes after I die when I respawn an hour later to continue it’s gone just letting people know idk if anyone is having that problem lol

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You can store five carrots into a crockpot with plate.

You can also store bananas, burdock, five bowels of berrys, rice seeds, threashed wheat, and flour.

Ok thank you! I needed to know xD

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Lol just be warned if your playing on begginer server the rest of the players wont ever check the crockpots so you might see the town almost starve even though theres 40 carrots,bowels of berrys, bananas etc in pots.
Hopefully the developers eventually add visual difreances for the crockpots to show that they have food in them.


I got thinking what if when it’s full, the plate can be half off the top kind of when there’s too much food in a dish and the lid doesn’t sit right it’ll show the food

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