I Have a Opinion About Dog

hi. Im korean player.
Many people hope dog only follow one person who gives food.

Dogs is so cute. But if not make dogs house. Will interfere with someone’s work.

So… could you update about dog for player?
We love dog… but now we can’t love dog more…



We need to be able to build doghouses.

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We need to be able to keep dogs more easily, like being able to make it sit down (temporarily) and gaining loyalty to only certain players that feed it.


I think itd be cool if dogs had ownership like fences in ohol. Owners of dogs can make them wait and the dogs only follow their owners. Dogs also die only after all owners have. (Doesnt make sense that dogs are the only animals to die of old age but if they couldnt then they would over populate places) also naming puppies by holding them like babies then the dog keeps the name untill it dies.